Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Organization Hierarchy not displayed in sharepoint user profile page

Recently, I was trying to populate the sharepoint user's profile properties from our HR database using BDC. The profile properties were populated after I configured the BDC and ran a full import. But when I viewed the user's profile on the profile page, the organization hierarcy displayed only one level of the hierarchy. After some research, I found out that the Manager field has to be populated using the syntax DOMAINNAME\USERID instead of just USERID. So I changed my BDC to return the manager field using the above syntax and now I can view the more than one level in the organization hierarchy.

The DOMAINNAME\USERID is one of the three (email and LDAP syntax being the other) different forms the manager field can be populated. I decided to use this format due the kind of data available in my HR database. Remember, if you use only the USERID of the manager in the manager field, you will see only one level of hierarchy in the user's profile page.

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